i could teach you a thing or two

ok, so here’s a guilty pleasure: this mason/luciana electro-pop track: yeah yeah. always reminds me of awesome times dancing at 3am.

what’s especially awesome about it is the clip – it’s all hot loved-up semi-erotic gettin’ it on. with headphones. taking the private moment into the ultra-private. where you’ve made your make-out session into a hot porn flick with soundtrack.

is this the aestheticisation of erotica through headphone usage now? fucking to the same song is ace, but it’s also interesting to imagine what it would be like if you were both listening to different music – could you have sex to the sound of discordant rhythms? anyways, interesting questions, in light of my thesis/research topic about sound in public and the use of headphones as the aestheticisation of public space.

and now here would be where i’d normally embed the video so you could see what i was talking about. but universal music have blocked embedding on that vid. i’ll never understand why the fuck they do that.

go see it on the you tubes here.

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