happy 80th birthday nanna

Me and my Nanna

regular readers will know how rad i think my nanna is. mainly because she is rad: super spunky, independent, hilarious, hip young thang. well, not quite as young as i’d like: today she turns 80.


i can tell you that if i’m half as cool as she is when i’m 80, i’ll be well-chuffed.

she still travels regularly, loves all her family, has the best laugh in the world, loves beautiful things, is interested in technology, doesn’t suffer fools lightly, is generous, crazily forgiving of my terrible habit of swearing and still really enthusiastic about discovering all there is to offer

i’m super sad that i’m not in melbourne to give her the massive hug she deserves today. but perhaps it’s for the best – i might have squeezed all the breath out of her! 🙂

happy birthday nanna. you rock.

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