I am a freelance copyeditor, primarily in STEM publications.

Recent titles include:
Chemistry and Bioactivity of Boswellic Acids and Other Terpenoids of the Genus Boswellia by Ahmed Al-Harrasi Hidayat Hussain René Csuk Husain Yar Khan, 2018

Nanoscale Fabrication, Optimization, Scale-up and Biological Aspects of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, Volumes 1-10, edited by Alexandru Grumezescu, 2017

Sprouted Grains, edited by Hao Feng, Boris Nemzer, and Jonathan Devries, 2018

Eco-efficient Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Infrastructures, edited by Fernando Pacheco-Torgal, Robert Melchers, Nele de Belie, Xianming Shi, Kim Van Tittelboom, and Andres Saez Perez, 2017


If you have non-fiction long-form that needs sharpening, contact me, especially architecture, infrastructure and public space, art history or historical fiction.

I support other writers by proofing and editing their websites and run workshops on the practical elements of running a business. Keep an eye on the workshops page for more information

I am also a sub-editor for an arts publication. If you have arts or trade publication that needs layout and subbing, contact me.



Society for Editors and Proofreaders Member
Graphic Prepress Trade Qualification  1998 (2018 UK equiv. BA Publishing)