iain tait, coolest geek ever, has already written about this thing here and here, but i just have to add my two bits’ worth to it.

i am a geek – i love books, art, music, talking shit and online thingys. and i love anything that validates my love of those things. i’ve been twittering for a couple of years now and still love it as much now as i did then (although the hiccup to DM text services is getting me down a bit, that’s for sure).

but then, on the horizon, comes this fabulous new thingy to brighten up my mood: twitter for music heads. where twitter answers the question ‘what are you doing?’ in 140 characters or less, asks ‘what are you listening to?’. you can search, find and play it. no downloading, just streaming. and you get to listen to what your friends are listening to! which, in the case of some of my friends means a quick flick forward, but for the most part, it’s rockin! in fact, it’s like the online version of going around to a friend’s place and them playing you a whole bunch of new 7″ rekkids. oh, yah!

here’s my current playlist, full of recent rediscoveries (and a whole lot of slacker nostalgia)

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bus gallery: jeremy bakker, alone together

A piece from Alone Together
image thanks to betsyinoz from flickr

last week, the delectable miss jones and i went to bus to check out the space. [we’re going to be doing a collaborative work there, and i’ll be showing some works from abracadaver there separately, but at the same time. if you’re asking.]

of course we couldn’t resist checking out the shows that were on and were delighted with jeremy’s exhibition which took sound as a departure point. there was an array of works: drawings, relief sculptures, readymades, paintings, photographs and some video works, all looking at white noise, miniature multiple, static, colour and aural perception. they were all great, although both gemma and i went absolutely ga-ga over a pencil drawing of tiny circular forms. so exquisite! and we just loved this 3D wall piece, with those little cone thingys sticking out of the wall, like megaphonettes. at the other end were little images of what initially appear to be either mouths or ears. turns out they were belly buttons, which was slightly creepy, but thrilling nonetheless.

unfortunately, if you didn’t get to see it, the exhibition finished last weekend. but if you’re going to the young writer’s festival as part of This Is Not Art (TINA) – which i know you all are, jeremy’s part of the artextart exhibition up there.

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flexible consistency

a while back, i made a comment about design/branding/creative output needing to be flexible and consistent. my friend mr dodds took the piss out of me (and i’ll never let him forget it, poor love).

but i found a vid over on andy’s now in colour blog which is not only a fucking awesome manifestation of harmony, structure and rhythm, but also illustrates “flexible consistency” to the max.

has me wanting to research sine waves all over again.

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sound and space

process from spatial vibration, pinched from spatial vibration


i don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but you’re going along, brewing on ideas, letting them simmer, then BANG!! you read/see/hear/trip over a whole stack of stuff that’s about the same thing – all at the same time!

well, it happens to me. a lot. and this time it’s about sound and space. i’ve been thinking about sound and space for a while now – in fact, since i went to the Silenzio exhibition in Torino. But more recently i did a sound-based site analysis work down at docklands last month and have been thinking about how sound defines, fills and establishes space since then.

then, last week i went to the architecture + philosophy talk at fed square, where dr michael fowler was discussing his teimu project of mapping a space via its sound. and in fact, the influence on soundscapes in japanese landscaping (specific or what!). he had a bunch of info graphics that plotted an area based on the sound of the place and referenced john cage’s score work relating to zen gardens.

and then? dude, olafur eliasson has a blog. and on there i read about his new work, spatial vibration. eliasson was a legend before. now, he’s wearing underpants on the outside and featuring in the superest. superhero dude. what’s mine say? sweet.

sound, as the ultimate structural system (notes, pitch, waves, harmonics and pure mathematics all being very clear architecture), makes an absolutely perfect match for spatial practice. sound will fill a large space far easier than a whole bunch of tactile work will, and can elicit memory and atmosphere far better than a shitty video will. [and i like the visual image of sound filling a space – like some kind of erwin wurm piece, or violet beauregard in charlie and the chocolate factory.] interestingly enough, there’s something about private sound that i’m also interested in – the role of headphones and all-encompassing sound that provides a private space and ‘your own world’, like in the guerilla disco work at linz.

perhaps i shouldn’t have dropped out of my science degree after all.

anyway, having said all that, i’m really looking forward to dylan martorell‘s show at craft victoria on thursday night too – he’s made instruments and scores based on plant-growth algorithms. and if that ain’t sound-based geek porn, i dunno what is.

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feel free to browse

Following on from Interesting South, I’ve decided to go to more stuff like it more often:

pecha kucha flick thanks to paisdelasmaravillas from flickr

Pecha Kucha
Started by a couple of architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, it began as a place to network and also to check out their eventspace. It has since gone on to be a global thang, a place to hear interesting people talk about interesting things.

I almost got to one at the ICA when i was in London, but missed the last one. Bugger. But, filed it under EXCITEMENT PLUS, the last Pecha Kucha Melbourne for the year is on Tuesday night! Yay!

At the Blue Diamond Bar on Queen St from 6-ish, I’m looking forward to checking out a variety of creative/brainy type presenations. 20 slides, then get the fuck off the stage. Love it.

coffee morning flick thanks to russell davies from flickr

Coffee Morning Melbourne

Regular readers will know that when in London, I did as Londoners do and went to Coffee Morning at the Breakfast Club in Soho. I met some amazing people there, including many who I call dear friends now. There are a few Coffee Mornings around the world. Sydney has one, Melbourne tried it a while ago and so I’ve decided to try and resurrect it. Mainly for the selfish reason of wanting good coffee and conversation.

The only thing is, I don’t really know what works for the Melbourne bloggery types out there, so I’m putting forth a bit of an option type thing and if people can put their suggestions in the comments section, that would be ace. [I should probably put up a spiffy poll, but I honestly couldn’t be fucked]. And if you know others who might be into it, get them to tell me too.

Now, I’ve stuck to the CBD, in the interest of being central and I’m sticking to Friday, in the interest of continuity (not to mention it being a lazy-ish kind of day and perfect to have coffee on).

Option 1
Journal Cafe on Flinders Lane

Option 2
Section 8 Container Bar/Cafe in Tattersalls Lane

Option 3
Nick’s on Queen St


Option A
Friday, 8am

Option B
Friday, 9:30am

Option C
Friday, 11am


*Sorry to those for whom that was an interminable bore. Now, back on topic.

dorkbot tee flick thanks to chesh from flickr


I saw Pia, fabulous Dorkbot Overlord speak at Interesting and have decided to go to one of the Melbourne Dork-bot meetings. Now, the last one for the year was last Sunday (while I was wandering lost around Wollongong, great.) but I thought I should just give it a bit of a shout-out anyway. Go to the Melbourne Dork-bot wiki for more info.

* It also reminded me of the fantastic Chris Northcote’s Forkbot, reconstructed EggsBaconChipsBeans at Interesting in London.

And what’s the point of all that garbage for? Well, the thing is, it’s the Real Life 2.0 version of a browsing, or going through your blog reader. Hearing about a range of stuff from strangers is fantastic for expanding your experience of stuff: great for empathy, brilliant for jiggling an idea around and, dare I say it, good for the soul. I like the way I feel when I hear new stuff and I feel like a more informed member of the human race. Surely that’s a good thing, right?

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irreplaceable as the new currency

this post contains offensive language. if you can’t deal with it, that’s OK, we can still be friends, just come back in a couple of days.

so the other night at aha!, the creative get together at the commercial tavern, some cunt stole my ipod, and my mate charles’ bag. cctv didn’t pick up squat and the police, well, I suspect they won’t find anything anywhere.

and while this post could easily be a vent about all of that, it’s actually about sentimentality and preciousness. you see, my ipod was covered in this:

in case you can’t tell, it’s a hand-made felt cover, made by my best friend Sarah, with my name stitched into it! how cute is it! it was a farewell present from her before I came to London and a general ‘I love you’ gift. see how loved it is in that photo? and now, it’s gone. and it hasn’t gone to a good home, either. in fact, said cunt probably just turfed it before she/he hocked the 80GB video pod for about 4 hour’s worth of crack, smack, or fuck.

and, even though public transport is now a bit tougher without my toons, and my travel insurance will eventual replace it, it’s this special cover that I’m devastated about.

my new friend nina was there that night and when I was telling her about the nicked cover, she told me a similarly shit story about her teddy bear. nina has just moved from germany. in fact, her bags are still being shipped and the delivery company rang to tell her two days ago that her backpack had been stolen. which is really fucking annoying, but the only thing in that backpack that nina really cared about, that couldn’t be replaced or covered by insurance, was her teddy bear. she’d had it since she was born and you can’t replace that stuff!

which highlights how important that element of ‘hand-made’ really still is to us. as humans, with the access and capabilities to generate an enormous amount of FMCGs (Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods), technology, replaceable, recyclable and disposable stuff, it’s the authentic, sentimental, ephemeral and memorable items that we really care about. not just me and nina, but everyone. ask anyone what they’ll grab to save in a housefire and I can assure you (unless you’re Patrick Bateman), it won’t be the Prada bifocals, the Paul Smith suit, Manolo Blahnik strappy stilettos or the Bose 5 Channel Surround Sound Digital Entertainment System. It’s the photo albums, the vinyl records, the teddy bears, the trinket Grandma gave you when you were sick from the chicken pox, you save. the sentimental and irreplaceable.

as an artist, that comforts me a little. knowing that as humans we still care about the time and effort something is put into being. and that the art of making tangible, irreplaceable things, is still a worthwhile pursuit. in fact, i’d go so far as to say that in the years to come, the irreplaceable will be the new currency in the face of a backlash against disposable.

And if you read this and you’ve got my ipod cover (or nina’s teddy bear for that matter), fucking give it back.

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