can anything be beautiful? part 1

well of course anything can be beautiful – it’s just a choice to elevate something to a particular level of perception.
that’s the easy bit.

but where’s the fun in that argument?

which leads us onto section 2.

can anything be beautiful? part 1.2

all arse. model: sweetheart, my cat

no. this is not beautiful. in fact, it’s downright ugly. and anyone else that wakes up to that each morning would have to agree with me.

yet ‘things’ are not always about beauty, but also about function, fun, power, peace – the range and diversity of reasons for existing. and if anything, and therefore everything was beautiful, nothing would get done and we’d all be a bunch of boring hedonists, living in a blissful paradise with dante and yoda.

and as cool as those guys would be, i imagine it would boring as batshit because it’s the occasion of beauty that makes it so inspiring. the surprise, the treat, the glimpse of it gives us such a wonderful thing to aspire to (but never quite obtain as an absolute). in fact living in absolute anything would be an entirely depressing existence.

so while my cat’s bum is damned ugly and will never be beautiful, it fulfills a function that my cat always appreciates, even if i don’t.

and luckily, the rest of her is gorgeous, so it all works out in the end.

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