bus gallery: jeremy bakker, alone together

A piece from Alone Together
image thanks to betsyinoz from flickr

last week, the delectable miss jones and i went to bus to check out the space. [we’re going to be doing a collaborative work there, and i’ll be showing some works from abracadaver there separately, but at the same time. if you’re asking.]

of course we couldn’t resist checking out the shows that were on and were delighted with jeremy’s exhibition which took sound as a departure point. there was an array of works: drawings, relief sculptures, readymades, paintings, photographs and some video works, all looking at white noise, miniature multiple, static, colour and aural perception. they were all great, although both gemma and i went absolutely ga-ga over a pencil drawing of tiny circular forms. so exquisite! and we just loved this 3D wall piece, with those little cone thingys sticking out of the wall, like megaphonettes. at the other end were little images of what initially appear to be either mouths or ears. turns out they were belly buttons, which was slightly creepy, but thrilling nonetheless.

unfortunately, if you didn’t get to see it, the exhibition finished last weekend. but if you’re going to the young writer’s festival as part of This Is Not Art (TINA) – which i know you all are, jeremy’s part of the artextart exhibition up there.

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