bloglines fade away. or, i promise i love you.

i’m still in love with bloglines. it totally floats my boat and on many occasion is the cause of me having fuck all sleep. and although my blogroll there is public, i haven’t figured out how to make it totally public or should i say ‘broadcast’ by linking to it here. apparently i haven’t ‘shared’. or something.

i thought about trying out the new bloglink business that blogger/google is currently plugging, but, like i said, i’m in love with bloglines, so i just updated my links instead. in fact, it was quite shameful how old my link love was getting, so apologies to dear friends whose blogs just got ignored for far too long.

which, is a roundabout way of saying:

check these out:

slinkachu’s little people (a tiny street art project)
sam ismail (an international smoothie),
blank is like blank
brand dna (stan! i’m sorry!)
david byrne’s journal (yes, that david byrne),
dylan martorell
do yeah (hot illustrator working with ben maxwell from bamakko – oh what a small, small world it is)
ellie from allan’s walk
empty streets
fox and pearl
handmadelife (hml)
life without buildings (lwb)
my noisy matchbox blog
super colossal


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