iain tait, coolest geek ever, has already written about this thing here and here, but i just have to add my two bits’ worth to it.

i am a geek – i love books, art, music, talking shit and online thingys. and i love anything that validates my love of those things. i’ve been twittering for a couple of years now and still love it as much now as i did then (although the hiccup to DM text services is getting me down a bit, that’s for sure).

but then, on the horizon, comes this fabulous new thingy to brighten up my mood: twitter for music heads. where twitter answers the question ‘what are you doing?’ in 140 characters or less, asks ‘what are you listening to?’. you can search, find and play it. no downloading, just streaming. and you get to listen to what your friends are listening to! which, in the case of some of my friends means a quick flick forward, but for the most part, it’s rockin! in fact, it’s like the online version of going around to a friend’s place and them playing you a whole bunch of new 7″ rekkids. oh, yah!

here’s my current playlist, full of recent rediscoveries (and a whole lot of slacker nostalgia)

thanks for subscribing to she sees red by lauren brown. xx

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