back in london

i’m back in london. kind of in a holding pattern, on my way back to australia. i head to dubai towards the end of the month and then home.

i miss berlin a lot already. i miss my friends [who are so rad they made me an awesome mixtape. rad friends are really rad]. i miss the ease of the place. and how much stuff i can just do within walking/tram distance. 

and most of all i miss how berlin makes me feel about myself.

but here are some things i’m going to see/do in london to stop my heart breaking.

Aware: Art Fashion Identity at the Royal Academy, the including a new work by Hussein Chalayan

Bridget Riley at the National Gallery

Catch up with the Sound Fjord crew

Check out the latest show at MOT

Check out this great movie/artwork on sound/hearing at the Wellcome Collection

Drink coffee at Monmouth

Drink coffee at Kaffeine

Drink coffee at Present

Drink coffee at Lantana

Finally get back to see a show at Transition Gallery

Finally get to check out imagemusictext

Go to the British Library

Possibly check it out this awesome show by Oval

Properly check out the permanent collection at the Tate Britain

Visit the Courthauld (i’m ashamed to say i’ve never been)

Visit the V&A. Multiple times

and if you’re one of my peeps in london, get in touch – i’ve got time 🙂

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