art date!

owen and i have been going on a regular art date – taking advantage of our flexible hours and keeping up the enthusiasm for seeing shit. it has been che gorgeous to share spaces and artists with each other – to have some perfectly timed discussion about art, the universe and everything. and always starting with coffee at brother baba budan.

we’ve been making a point of going to galleries that either of us have never been to before and it has been a helluva lot of fun. oh, and we’ve seen some good works too.

i’m hoping to start posting about the stuff we see regularly (and put a halt to all that self-referential hoo-har from this year), but in the mean time, here’s a quick ‘digest’ in 140 characters or less.

tolarno: patricia piccini
divine space. welcome return to her beautiful and grotesque visceral sculptures: cronenberg-esque. scored a fabulous free poster. huzzah!

murray white room: judith van heeren
dramatic space: echo chamber goodness. paintings were reminiscent of zavros, minus the majesty. sadley, they were completely lost in the space.

anna pappas: vipoo srivilasa
jury is still out on this one: old, bold works intrigued. this style: not so sure, but interested in learning.

C3: OMFUG group show
great to see the gallery really establishing a mark. missed the hit and miss performance, loved simon’s sign and adam’s hoax.

C3: nicky wynnychuk
nicky conceptual scultpures/installations are going to be amazing in a different setting, but here: dark, broody boy art. heart-broken.

kings ari: december shows: tai snaith, jade walsh and the video battle b/w insight, kings and first draft.
3 toptastic shows: love jade walsh! video battle: ace idea, lacked ace content (FD #1!). tai’s work ‘kawa-i ne-‘: some yay, some nae.

this week we had to postpone, but for our last date of the year, we’re going to go and see jenny holzer at ACCA and probably hang out in the NGV International. I haven’t seen the Bill Viola yet (shame!) and i think it’s a great opportunity to lay about out underneath the leonard french stained-glass.

image credit: chris and sanne at the Beelden aan Zee Museum in NL. via jumping in art museums

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