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i read in the age last week about the lower house parliamentary debate for the conscious vote to take abortion of the crimes act. in short, to decriminalize abortion. i was surprised by who voted aye and who noe, especially the relatively high number of labour ministers against the bill. interestingly, the strangest reason for not wanting to pass the vote, by the usually-progressive-but-possibly-suffering-from-a-brain-explosion mr robert hulls, was that ‘there would be more abortions in victoria’ as a result of the change in status.

call me crazy, but is this just wonky reasoning? when you really think about it.
i’d really like to ask mr hulls if knowing that abortions might be not-illegal (as opposed to legal), whether he thought about getting one? it’s not like decriminalising smack or porn, or whatever else they’ve done for the big boys of parliament, you know. i don’t know if some of our parliamentarians know this, but you only consider getting an abortion if you’re pregnant. and it’s never a question of whether it’s available or not. maybe in the 1940s (even then…). the main influence over whether women get an abortion or not, is hardly legal. in fact, i reckon if you asked most women who were pregnant and considering having an abortion, the legality of the act probably comes after ethics/moral, emotional stability, relationship stability, financial stability, whether the sex was consensual, whether they feel fit to be a parent…. do you see what i’m getting at? a moral issue, not a legal one.

btw, the best quote was actually from a nationals member, jacqui, who said “when people say ‘who will speak for the baby’, i usually say, well, the mother really. and we have to let the mother make the choices she needs to'”. or something close to that [age.com.au made it very hard to find the original article].

it’s being debated in the upper house over the next little while, so if you’re particularly passionate about the subject (which most women should be, on either side of the fence), don’t forget to keep an eye out for news, or let your local senator know. mr fielding from the family first party is one of my local senators. i can’t imagine him and i agreeing on the subject, so my emails to him will be interesting indeed.

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