a call to arm[chair]s

OK, so as part of making Interesting South a lovely, cosy conference to hang out in, we need help from our friendly attendees, speakers, or anyone who wants to help out/participate in some way.

Furniture Drive
Firstly, we’re asking for donations of furniture, which will then go onto Salvos and Vinnies after the conference. Just think of it like putting in the middle man – a way to help us out and then help them out.

Here’s our wish-list:

1 x 3-seater lounge (2-seater is fine)
1 x lounge chair
1 x kitchen table/desk
1 x kettle
1 x medium-sized rug
1 x bookshelf (not too large)
1 x pair long curtains
1 x standing lamp
1 x table lamp
1 x side table

some small family picture frames
some books
some cushions (no more than 3)
some cups and saucers
some tea spoons

Now, if you’ve got any of these things, which need to be in pretty good condition, we also need you to help us out by taking it to a warehouse in Surry Hills on Tuesday 20th November [we don’t have a whole lot of time/resources on the actual day].

So, if you can help us tick off the things we need AND you can transport it, please email lauren[at]sheseesred[dot]com to organise what you’ve got and where to take it.

Heavy Lifters
All of that stuff takes moving in and out of the theatre and while it’s not huge, we need the help of about 8 toughies to help us move it into and out of the theatre on the day. If you can only help bump in, great! If you can only help bump out, great! Just email lauren[at]sheseesred.com to let me know what you can offer. The times will be 10am – 12pm and then from 10pm (we’re bumping out as quickly as possible, so that we can join everyone at the pub afterwards!)

more Interesting stuff soon…

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