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sometimes the artworld collides right in front of me. you know those times when a bunch of seemingly unconnected people are all talking about at the same thing at the same time? well, it’s one of those weeks.

this time, it’s about presenting inspiration.


Part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (which kicked off this week, in case you weren’t aware of all the extra heel around town), this little projection series has been curated by my friend Simon Winkler and his creative partner-in-crime Chimere Cissé. It’s a showreel of the snapshots that inspire a range of fashion/jewellery designers, including TV the label, Dhini, Karla Way, Yeojin Bao and Kate Rogers from Dazed and Confused (pictured). With the launch at £1000 Bend on Saturday, the works are at a bunch of places around Melbourne town: Fed Square’s big screen, Alice Euphemia, Georges and the City Library. more info here.

Celine Inspiration Books

I saw this on these on The Sartorialist the other day and thought that they were a pretty neato idea. It works really well as a nice anchor to the perfomative aspect of the fashion spectactle: lights, catwalk, bump’n’grind, in your face style – and this little tangible history of the collection.

Autumn Masterpieces

Opening tonight at CCP, again this is the presentation of artists’ ‘collections’ – the images they have on their studio walls or in their hearts. These were presented in an array of styles that hark back to trad gallery/object formats (which adds a bonus little twist for the relationship between art history/the object and The Photograph). Some of the images are hilarious. Some are so adorable. The one from Hany Armanious is gorgeousness. [i’m purposefully not mentioning the Andrea Fraser video because i’m going back to see it later. i’m almost peeing with excitement]

See? All three within a week!

It seems the structure of artistic/fashion concept has become desireable simultaneously. We don’t just want the finished and polished product and the final narrative anymore. We want the inside scoop, the cheat sheet and the secrets to the magic. Or at least a little clue.

From an artists’ perspective I do love these shows – i get to feel part of the club. But part of me feels une petite tristesse too – like i’ve peeked into the dressing room after the show and the illusion has been tarnished. Am i reading too much into it?

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